BY THE NUMBERS. It’s A Man’s World?

It’s no surprise to hear that 97.2% of engineers are male. Everyone knows about this gap, right? But who is proactively doing something about the state of women in engineering? Turns out there is lot of talk (see some articles linked here), but not a whole lot of action. Or is there? We did encounter some awfully bright, eager, and interested young women STEM’ers at this year’s USA Science and Engineering Festival. This is one very actionable initiative to get students (both male and female) interested in careers in science and technology. And then there’s F.I.R.S.T. Lots of you may be involved with this program and we’d love to hear about your experiences. And we engaged with hundreds of incredibly talented women in microwaves at three different events at this year’s International Microwaves Symposium. See a great interview here with Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing at National Instruments, AWR Group.

And what’s next? Maybe Women in Engineering Wednesdays? We’ve got some ideas on how to keep this conversation going! Keep yours eyes on this newsletter for details.

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