electronica Growing to 13 Halls!

Get out your walking shoes if you are heading to Munich this November! The world’s mega-techfest got even bigger!

  • Hall C4 will also be occupied.
  • Exhibition space increases from 133,000 to 143,000 m².
  • The North Entrance will also be open for easier access from the adjacent parking areas, especially for visitors arriving by car or by taxi.

Market volume in the electronics industry is more than EUR 3.5 trillion, making it one of the most important branches of industry in the world. Its significance continues to increase. Whether it comes to PCBs, semiconductors, sensors, plug connectors, or displays, electronics are a permanent part of our everyday lives.

electronica is the place to see which components, systems, or applications make new developments such as smart homes and connected cars possible in the first place. Planet e visitors see the entire world of electronics. . . if your feet don’t give out first!

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