Meet Senior Editor, Steve Mraz

Why on earth did you get into BtoB media journalism? I was looking for a job and had a background in engineering and a love of writing, as well as experience in the defense industry, aviation, and biomedical engineering, so it was a good fit, as the magazine was looking for a defense editor, an aviation editor, and a medical editor.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Meeting and talking to incredibly intelligent people who are creative and innovative, and most are willing to share.

What frustrates you the most about your job? Marketing types who think each article or news item should be an ad for the products they are pushing.

And, of course, constant deadlines.

What was a great moment in your journalist career or a moment/story of which you were exceptionally proud? Why was it important to you? Talking to Dr. Jarvik about his heart assist implant. I was a new editor and getting a one-on-one interview with the famous biomedical engineer was quite a thrill.

What’s the best way a client could get your attention with a story to pitch?

Be concise, know how the article will be of use to our audience, write if as if you’re talking to engineers (not ad execs or the general public), and have great images.

What beats/technologies/products are you excited about covering in the near future and why? Defense and aviation are always interesting as the projects garner a lot of money and the capability of the machines they turn out are incredible.

Biomedical engineering is also interesting because the applications have important ramifications for ill and injured people of all ages. And the changes in our healthcare system are having big changes on medical technology, an important story.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy reading and writing. I’m currently reading my way through Graham Greene.

Tell us a funny story: I once was on a business trip, one with at least three dozen other journalists. About six of us, Americans, had to get bused to a major airport and put up in a very nice hotel close to the airport the night before we were to return to the States. The company sponsoring the trip made the mistake of saying they’d pay for dinner. Being the humble man that I am, I at first ordered as if I were paying. Three very much senior editors (from another company) convinced me to go a little overboard. They went way overboard. I think it was the most expensive dinner I ever participated in.


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