“New and Improved”

For the past few months we have been very busy here at Informa working on migrating our websites to a new platform with the sole intention of creating a new and improved experience for our communities and the advertisers trying to reach them. The new websites bring the electronics and mechanical design products into the 21st century with infinite scroll functionality, fully responsive design and our trademark fiercely independent content.

Early results from other brands in our industrial and infrastructure portfolio have been overwhelmingly positive in terms of the number of people visiting the sites, the amount of content consumed and time spent with the content and this bodes well for the engineering focused websites. This is one investment that has been sorely needed and demanded from engineers across the world and we are delighted to finally announce the re-launch of www.electronicdesign.com, www.machinedesign.com , www.mwrf.com, www.hydraulicspneumatics.com, and www.powerelectronics.com.

In concert with these site launches, we have also announced a new website covering the supply-chain and distribution aspects of the electronics industry with www.Sourcetoday.com and we have commissioned exclusive research into the industry to gain insights into how engineers view the distributors serving them that we will release at this years Electronics Distribution Show.

Not content with these investments, our wider Industry & Infrastructure Group launched a survey across our professional audiences in energy, buildings, local government, manufacturing, electronics and technology databases to garner insights into the promised infrastructure investments from the new President. Within 24 hours we received over 6,000 responses and we will be packaging these responses in a new product launch dedicated to showcasing the ‘how, what, where and why’ infrastructure investment is desperately needed in the US.

Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more about these exciting launches as we are excited to showcase the ‘new and improved’ Penton/Informa to the world!

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