My street-smart neighbor

I was chatting with my street-smart neighbor this past weekend and she described how she “hates” to deal with salespeople. Whether shopping for clothes at the mall, which she now performs online, or buying a car, which she researches online and then passes her request to a local company ( ) to execute the transaction and deliver her new car, she is researching, considering, buying, and advocating via the web. It got me thinking as I firmly believe that BtoB and BtoC buying behaviors are converging, and I’m often reminded of the Sirius Decisions stat that 70% of the sale is conducted online.

Of course, this is a gift for marketers (especially digital marketers) as they are now responsible for driving the sales journey and, in some cases, making the sale (is your web site set up to enable online sales?). The problem is that the electronics and mechanical engineering sector has had  just a few notable marketing campaigns over the years. From the groundbreaking “Intel Inside” to the “Atmel Truck Tour” (, there have been some examples of how marketing has positively impacted the sales process from improving discoverability to aiding consideration to making the purchase.

I was intrigued to see that Sander Arts, former marketing executive at Philips, NXP, and the aforementioned Atmel launched an excellent book called Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing ( along with three former colleagues. The book is packed with practical and useful advice based in the firm belief that marketing components is about as exciting as it gets!!! These products are changing the world, so why not invest in great marketing—especially since so many companies do not. I won’t spoil the book, but we have three copies to give away to the best “Cut the bullsh*t” marketing ideas that you have implemented. Email me at with your best performing marketing ideas and I will try to persuade Sander to sign your personal copy of the book!

One thing is abundantly clear: Our industry is as global as any and I am delighted to announce our partnership with European Business Press (see link here). It will begin with full sharing of content between the two organizations, but will also explore joint research and product development opportunities. Engineers will benefit from easier access to relevant content in their preferred medium and advertisers will benefit from increased exposure to engineers in the US and Europe.

I look forward to seeing your great marketing ideas and engaging with you on your global marketing campaigns!

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