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The Academy Awards take place this weekend and it got us thinking about some of the recent movies with women playing critical roles – and one favorite where three women are paramount in getting astronaut John Glen into orbit – one of the greatest operations in history. The movie, Hidden Figures, was more than a box office hit. It helped bring focus on the tremendous impact women have had on technology in the past several decades. And the need continues to be as great as ever. With the shortage of skilled labor in the manufacturing industry, women will continue to be vital to our success and growth.

Machine Design had a tremendous article today on ways to increase the number of women in engineering and manufacturing. You can read it here.

It takes changing the conversation somewhat and addressing the fact that women’s roles in STEM, manufacturing (and yes films) have been lacking. But that is changing and showcasing these improvements helps move the needle forward. That’s one reason our Manufacturing & Technology conference and expo, taking place this April, in Pittsburgh, PA has added a new special event planned for Women in STEM featuring a special keynote and a panel of women pioneers. Male or female – you’ll want to check this out.


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